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Most of the time, Arbex explained, people don't need an elaborately strategic response.

Just because someone appears to be emotionally stable as they talk, doesn't mean they're not struggling, Arbex explained.

The workshops she and others participated in helped them know how to respond to a person when they reveal they've been assaulted.

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There are, as of March 2014, on our Youtube channel.

Far too often people think of themselves and how they would want someone to respond, which can be devastatingly wrong, according to sexual assault prevention officer Dusty Johnstone.

"Maybe you think you're doing what is best to help someone, without knowing that you're doing the opposite," she said.

"The experience is different for each person." For Arbex, she says her whole approach has changed.

She says she feels much more confident now that she knows she can help victims.

It’s the next generation of issues oriented talk that’s always accessible.

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