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They are not meant to be followed to the letter, but are just a few insights into dance classes that might help you to feel more at ease when you first start attending lessons in a dance school or studio.Each area of advice has its own page and more detailed information - just follow the links.

These general dance tips include hints on how to take care of your body, some terminology tips and a glimpse of dance etiquette that you should know.General dance classes info ~ what goes on in dance classes anyway?Guys go berserk for this, because flowing hair is such a feminine attribute.They'll imagine it brushing against their skin, and running their fingers through it.So how do you tell whether the person wanting to sign you up to their classes really has any talent for teaching?

Your first dance class ~ just exactly what are you letting yourself in for?

Bearing in mind that there are brilliant wheelchair dancers out there, the old 'two left feet' line is wearing seriously thin.

Sources: Catherine Smith, instructor at Diva School, which offers striptease and pole dancing tutorials in New York City; Natasha Zee, co-owner, instructor, and dancer at Hells Bells Burlesque in Los Angeles" / long locks, play with them and flip them around whenever you have the chance.

This in turn makes it harder for them to pick up the steps and that then makes them feel more self-conscious and therefore more nervous. Going to your first dance lesson having done a little preparation can help calm those nerves and give you a head start on your class mates.

How to apply deodorant ~ this is admittedly a bit of a change of tack, but while fresh sweat is perfectly acceptable in dance class (sexy, even), old sweat is not acceptable at any speed.

We have a ton of insider dance tips and tricks to get you accustomed to the dance world, and to ensure you get the most from your dancing.