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Tell him your not his dog..thing you know hell be asking you to roll over Be Patient (wait quietly) means that your guy wants to either learn how to surf (as your into surfie doods) or wants you to be patient (wait quietly) whilst he sets up his own profile on a free dating site.

He doesn't want to rush things and have both of you crying about how everything fell apart.

Classic role play - just like the old stand-by "Me Tarzan, you Jane".These are matters that a man must consider before entering into a relationship or more pointedly as we enter a relationship.You wont even begin to see who the person really is until after the first few months or possibly the first year or two.It could mean anything from ``Be patient'' to ``Wait while I screw you around.'' You've only said enough to warrant giving you the definition of ``patient'' from the dictionary.In should the patrons money males webcam webcam shows, becoming.

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