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Scale-A-Ton advocates Wuh, and we Da motherfucking Mafia Six Classic shit, Body Parts, who we got in this motherfucker?Koopsta Knicca, Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black La Chat, Locodunit, Lil Wyte, Skinny Pimp, JGRXXN Kokoe, Point Blank, Project Pat WHAT?

], mouth full of civil well Put the price on your head, now my goons are millionaire You dislikin' prison care, but you niggas in prison care I don't give a fuck about care, so I never care I’m a millionaire so the traphouse a brick..Nah I'm lying, I still celebrate I'm a millionaire so the traphouse like [?Cali Daddy71 wrote, She's in my opinion th best of the models. Holy fuck it's just begging to get fucked and Anastasia delivers. Read More View My Profile Watch My Videos The Demon Dick wrote, This women right here is so amazingly attractive and very sexual that it makes you crave for more no matter what your doing your gonna want to drop everything and cum to her.Will make u rock hard and needing to cum when she's being bad but also the sweetest personality. Read More View My Profile Watch My Videos Rock Kick Ass69V2 wrote, Diana is a Jedi Master In Sexy & I think she has a Black Belt in Fellatio. Read More View My Profile Watch My Videos r5modi wrote, I was instantly hooked the first time I met Amannda, she's stunning, sexy, kind, has a great personality to name a few.] my german blood is that pure Now I'm all the way gone ho when you need this shit Get blessed like you done sneezed or some shit I'm starting a new religion and The Scarecrow Will be my beacon bitch Mafia for life with me, my third I will always see a six I'm fully involved will all of this, it's Lil Wyte till I'm deceased bitch [Verse 5: Crunchy Black] I'm all about my business, I'm all about my bread Shoot these motherfuckers head in the head I'mma make sure all you motherfuckers dead Catch a nigga slipping, hit him with the bat Duct-Duct tape them, that's what I said Check from over there, look up under the bed All a nigga came for was motherfucking bread Mafia Six in this motherfucking bitch [Verse 6: La Chat] La Chat bitch, I'm wrecking shit Bitch talking, texting and shit [? ], respect this bitch Lips still in my game mane, right hand's my gun hand Fucked up, we getting fucked up, that bull shit, fuck you say?

Bodies we be slaying, fuck you we dump them in your trunk No remorse for all these haters, run them down like Forest Gump Crestwood is my hood, and I rep it all day I'm the madest desert eagle till the twos wanna play [Verse 7: Project Pat] Pat'aahh Chopper on the floor, work on the stove Loud to my lips, smoke out my nose All these bands, I be jugging on my hustle, on my grind You get fucked up little pussy with my fingers on this nine Cut the grass like a lawnmower, like a rake Fought you niggas like Django, quick as a snake Anything for the money, [?If you are into sex parties and secret meet ups in hotels and local homes then see what others are organizing tonight and the week ahead on our special members events page.The largest and most exciting online swinging community in the world is right here and you are just a click or two away from joining it.Use the links below to browse the directory in various ways.Search by name, physical attribute, personal trait or even use the advanced search to find your next favorite model.] But it bounce right back at big Mafia six They can't keep Skinny Pimp in this bitch With DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo, Scarecrow, Crunch' and Koop We breaking the law, damn they down my door, it's a fact y'all We turning it up, put to hood [?