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'Men who have sex with men (MSM)' denotes men who have sex with other men regardless of the presence or absence of any specific sexual identity.[5] It includes normative males who desire to penetrate as the only signifier, feminized males (kothis) who desire to be penetrated by other males, hijras who are born as biological or anatomical males but reject their masculine identity in due course of time to identify, either as women or not-men, or in between man and woman, or neither man or woman (almost like Kothis) and adolescent and other males who desire to experiment for fun.[5] Males are often easier to access for sex than females, while male sex workers are usually cheaper than female sex workers are.

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Conclusion: Proper IEC to promote condom use and promotion of safe sexual practice among MSM is the need of the hour.Keywords: Anal sex, HIV, MSM, sex partner, sexual practice How to cite this URL: Deb S, Dutta S, Dasgupta A, Biswas B.Though the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among MSM in India was officially set at 5.69% percent in 2006,[2] it is felt by the researchers that this figure underestimates the impact of unsafe sexual practice of the MSM on the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in India, especially since global estimates suggest that five per cent to 10 per cent of HIV prevalence is attributable to sexual transmission between men.[1] Truck drivers are a group known to have higher levels of homosexual behavior than the general public.[3] Therefore, the high rates of HIV infection among truck drivers may be an indicator of the importance of homosexual transmission in the India epidemic because homosexual behavior also takes place outside of this particular group.[4]The reliability of HIV infection data among Men Who Have sex with Men (MSM) is influenced by: (i) the lack of knowledge and understanding of MSM behavioral patterns as many MSM do not have a conscious sexual identity/orientation; the fact that (ii) many do not consider reporting on their same sex behaviors even when asked; (iii) many do not identify their sexual behavior as MSM since their partners are not perceived as men; (iv) many gay-identified men as well as others who have developed a sexual identity, are reluctant to identify themselves and disclose their same-sex behaviors or sexual orientation to health care providers, fearing stigma, discrimination and exclusion.The framework of male to male sex is substantially divergent and inclusive.Their knowledge and positive attitude towards HIV/AIDS increased significantly with increase in literacy status ( P less than 0.01).

Only 36 (33.3%) knew about HIV transmission through anal route while only 35.2% knew the correct method to use condom.The clinic is run under the auspices of an NGO, Manas Bangla, which provides care and treatment to the MSM in eastern India especially West Bengal.A descriptive, cross sectional study was conducted among MSM attending a MSM clinic in Central Kolkata.Often they may also have a regular male partner, and/or a wife or girlfriend.Thus, the MSM is a very high risk group and acts as a bridge in transmission of sexually transmitted disease to the general population.Most (44%) of them had indulged in sexual acts with two/three partners in the past one month.