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All she can think about is her husband finally consenting to a threesome with her and the dog.Troy fucks her so good, but she just loves to suck on her husband’s cock.Before she can really get into a good rhythm with Troy, Christopher walks up.

When the girls get upstairs, Troy jumps up on the bed. She tells her to give his penis a little lick to make him feel better. She immediately strips off her clothes and drops to her knees to give Troy a super blowjob. Meanwhile, Christopher is bored with TV and decides to surf the net.He grabs his mom’s computer and clicks it out of sleep mode.Standing back where she can’t see, her brother has dropped his pants and is stroking his own meat while watching the dog and his sis fool around.It doesn’t take long before Troy wants to get a little pussy and he starts fucking Melanie.He threatens to blackmail her and she opens her mouth wide.

Mom’s enjoying her shower in the other room, but it’s her fantasies that are making it so pleasurable.

She twiddles her clit while picturing the entire erotic scene. The kids hear the shower ending and Christopher goes back into hiding.

When mom walks out she is so horny from her fantasies that she nearly pushes Melanie out of the way to get her mouth and hands on Troy’s red dick.

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The son of a veteran of the Spanish Civil War and a housewife, Willie is the daily victim of three school bullies.