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:) On Monday, October 13th, I went to the speeddating Rande Motyl organized by Jana Olivova.I know this Agency for a long time and I know that Jana is a real professional.

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The atmosphere was very comfortable and girls at the speed dating were smart and easy-going.

It was a very good opportunity for me as I'm looking for a foreigner, living in Prague.

I usually have a match or two, but I enjoy the speed dating even when I don't.

I just look at it as an opportunity to meet new people, practice my conversational skills and possibly make a new friend.

At speed dating, you get to sit down with a number of lovely people, quickly chat and conclude whether you would like to find out more.

Sure - it's possible that none of the women would end up being The One; but that's not the point.I have been already to maybe four of her events and it was always well prepared and the organization was smooth and entertaining. To my biggest surprise, this time there were one more men than women, which actually does not happen almost any time and is a real benefit for the ladies representation. Not only because being from coutries all over the world, but and mainly because having the most colourful characters I have ever seen at a speeddating party.Basically, the huge room was full of exciting personalities who were ready to share their ideas in order to create a friendly atmosphere with the possibility of establishing new relationships.First time speed dating - and I have to say that the event itself was slickly organised and designed to make sure that it is a fun evening out; the fact that I got matched with someone I had my eye on helped of course!I was a little suspicious and wondered if a speed dating event would make much sense.So, we were sitting and chatting about different things in a very relaxing and informal atmosphere.