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Such mobile phones are now cheap enough for a journalist or blogger (or Confidential Human Intelligence Source handler) to give them out to their whistleblower contacts and to pay for the top up calling credit from their end, rather than potentially exposing the identity of their source. By default all new phones and SIM cards are blocked from using these "Adult" services so you have to contact the network e.g.

at a high street mobile phone shop, for them to flag that handset as being usable for tracking (or for expensive SMS or internet pornography or sex chatlines etc.) However, just because pre-paid mobile phones are often referred to by the Police and by lazy journalists as "anonymous" , that does not mean that they are.

All of these have their uses, but present dangers to a whistleblower trying to contact a journalist or blogger or other intermediary to set up face to face meetings or to arrange whistleblower document deliveries or drops.

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Samsung GT-E1080i -a very basic voice and SMS only phone with a long battery life, available for just £9 to £15 (depending on the special offers) including a free SIM card from one of seven network operators / billing services available from the larger Tesco supermarkets.Tempting as it is to buy two or more such cheap phones (for the spare battery and power charger alone), do not do so from a Supermarket.The authorities offered no explanation for how the company had come up with the telephone numbers of people who had not used the service or who did not owe money.Prosecutors said that in some cases the people on the lists may have paid for telephone-sex services with credit cards issued by companies that refuse to do business with those services."Someone called my boss and told him that I was making '900' phone calls," another consumer told the Attorney General's office, referring to telephone-sex lines with the 900 prefix.

"I have never placed such a call," the consumer added.The civil suit seeks to put the company out of business and seize its assets for distribution to the fraud victims.Denying the Accusation The charges were denied by the company's owners, Marc Teller and Barry Miller, who spoke through their lawyer. Attorney alleges that my clients are extorting people in the worst possible way.The company, TMD Enterprises, did business as Standup Communications and Productions in Huntingdon Valley, a Philadelphia suburb.Paying the company, however, did not bring relief, the complainants said.These often have arbitrary, unpublished or poorly advertised "rationing" policies in place, limiting the number of such "bargain" phones which an individual customer can buy at a time.