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He is to escort a young woman named Irene (Renee Zellwegger) back to upstate Of course, Irene didn’t do it.

I really enjoyed the Farrelly Brothers’ 1998 comedy There’s Something About Mary.

I thought it was well-scripted, well-cast and – most importantly – funny.

A comedy about a man suffering from a split personality starring Jim Carrey! Carrey plays Charlie Baileygates, a State Trooper belonging to “the greatest police force in the land”: the Rhode Island Police Department.

Something immediately told me that this was not going to be a sensitive portrayal of mental illness. Having failed to effectively process the emotions created when his newlywed wife (Traylor Howard) absconds with their midget wedding chauffeur (Tony Cox) leaving him alone to raise their black triplets he has become so meek and unconfrontational that it is a wonder he still has a job.

Whatever he did it must have been pretty bad because he now has a corrupt detective (Chris Cooper from The Horse Whisperer) and Environmental Protection Agent (Richard Jenkins who played newspaper editor Clyde in The Witches of Eastwick) out to silence her.

She escapes their clutches and goes on the run with Charlie / Hank (without his pills his personality keeps flipping between the ineffectual but nice Charlie and the tough and maleveolent Hank).I get the feeling that officials of other states look down somewhat on Rhode Island.The brown uniform and jodhpurs get-up of the state troopers (who look like Mounties) probably doesn’t help.It just seemed gratuitously offensive to people with learning difficulties.So Imagine my joy when I turned to their 2000 offering Me, Myself & Irene.He does well at creating these two distinct personas, voices and mannerisms and all; so much so that he can actually have an argument / fight between Charlie and Hank towards the end of the film and make it comprehensible. A brave bit too – he throws himself out of a moving car.