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I considered Gracepoint Davis my new spiritual home.

However it was not until the 2nd year when the true nature of this church became apparent.

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Others want to be raised to become the next generation of Christ’s disciples to impact the world.

Check out our “Church Life at a Glance” to get a sampling of what we do together.

Gracepoint Davis Church is a local Baptist congregation that meets at 123 Sciences Lecture Hall on the UC Davis campus.

Their webpage explains that Gracepoint Davis Church is "A place to find friends | A place to find answers | A place to find strength

Through the years, I have experienced a lot at this church being given opportunities to serve and to share God's love with many people, whether college students, international graduate students, and working professionals.

Please, if you are looking for a fellowship, look elsewhere.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR REAL PHONE NUMBER otherwise your inbox will be littered with GP event text messages and/or voicemail spam. READ what others have testified regarding this church. sort_by=date_desc Note - Gracepoint Berkeley is the mother church of Gracepoint Davis. Twisted Gracepoint: - The original blog was shut down after a previous anti-Gracepoint blog was allegedly hacked.

We have a vision of helping plant an Acts 2 community on every college town!

So, whether you’re someone who is a spiritual seeker who is starting to ask questions about God, or you’re a committed Christian who wants to sink the roots of your faith deeper, you can find a home here at Gracepoint Davis Church." If you have any questions or comments, please contact Pastor Will at our website.

Those who were caught dating were to be rebuked strongly and forced to break up with their significant other.