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Just beyond the headland at the southern end of Grand Anse is the serene and less-frequented Morne Rouge Bay which is backed by tropical vegetation and blessed with shallow, calm waters that are perfect for family holidays.

Charming Grenada is much like the rest of the Caribbean was in the 1970s, quite unspoilt, so you’ll find plenty of secluded spots to take in the captivating backdrops as newlyweds.

The family-run Spice Island Beach Resort is a home away from home where the welcoming staff offer warm, personalised service from the moment you set foot in the sands of the surrounding Grand Anse beach.

Combine these natural marvels with an interesting history, diverse culture, a kind and hospitable population and the fact that the island is less frequently visited than its more recognised neighbours, and you have an authentic Caribbean paradise.

Grand Anse Backed by informal restaurants, bars and luxuriously relaxed resorts that are built no higher than the palm trees that line the sands, Grand Anse is the most popular of the island’s beaches and the perfect destination for Kuoni's fabulous Grenada all inclusive holidays.

Honeymoons With its beautiful white-sand beaches and blue skies that stretch for miles is the perfect place to rest during a luxurious, romantic honeymoon.

Discover hidden beaches and bays that play the perfect host to watersports, snorkelling and scuba diving – visit the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park.

If you’re looking for adventure, there’s plenty of scenery to explore here too.

There’s also the beachside ‘Heaven & Earth spa, perfect for kicking back and basking in those early days of wedded bliss.

The interior of the island is a never-ending display of rocky, mountainous scenery, covered in rainforest dotted with hidden waterfalls.

Enjoy a honeymoon in this blissfully tranquil part of the world by staying in the immaculate surroundings of one of our idyllic resorts, right on the beach.

The dry season is from December to June, while the wet season is from July to November when showers are likely and the humidity levels are high.