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And what is fascinating is how salient the themes present in “Cabaret” feel in today”s world.

It is perhaps not as clearly defined as this, but, Brian Roberts is the camera, the observer taking in what is happening in Berlin, a snapshot of a moment just before the world is irrevocably altered (though he is affected by his environment as well, at least temporarily).

In “Cabaret””s final scene, the moment in which Minnelli”s Bowles wails the exultant “Life is a Cabaret,” the audience in the club is filled with Nazis who have clearly become the dominant force in Berlin.

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Joel Grey”s Emcee functions both as the club”s master of ceremonies and the film”s thematic narrator.He illustrates the seedy underbelly of the self-indulgent nightlife that Bowles so reveres, as well as the escalating menaces of the Nazi movement.“Cabaret” does not address the rise of the Nazi party directly (though Roberts is subject to brutal beating one drunken night), but rather via the public”s response to its members.They are often harassed, mocked or kicked out of the club during the film”s first act, as if they are a joke, a silly group that poses no real threat.Five remain on the 11th season of "American Idol," and the competition has rarely been this fierce.

Weeks ago, it seemed as though the show had its clear favorites.

His choices in the film were bold and dynamic and account for a large measure of the reason the work still feels relevant.

And indeed, Minnelli tells a story in the LA Times interview of Fosse’s habit of ripping up studio notes aimed at, what else, honing the film’s aesthetic down for general audiences.

“Does it really matter as long as you”re having fun? The film answers: “Yes, it matters very much.” Stars Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey will be in attendance tonight for a post-screening Q&A at the TCM fest’s opening night event, which will be held at the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Cineastes will be pleased to hear that 78 films will screen over the course of the four-day festival, with appearances from Kim Novak (who caused a bit of a tumult with her comments on “The Artist””s score last season) and Debbie Reynolds.

People are disposable toys to Sally as much as she is one to them.