Honesty really is the best policy online dating

When you lie, you deny others an accurate view of reality Ten years later I read the book by Sam Harris, which became a permanent software upgrade for my brain.It made the case for not only seeking truth, but also being completely honest with others.At first I was a little anxious because I wrote in my headline, and in the body of my profile that I am a trans woman.

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I also discovered that everyone isn’t quite ready for the truth.

And for those who are prepared for it, still need it dressed in a little compassion.

Before reading this book, I had allowed myself the occasional white lie.

“No no, your painting is beautiful”, “No you don’t look fat in that dress”, “I am on my way there right now”.

During my life I have read three texts about truth and honesty that forever changed the course of my life.1.

Truth is the correspondence between one's beliefs about reality, and actual reality The first text I read as a young teenager, in meeting the rationality community and This simple insight led me to a life of trying to identify false beliefs wherever I found them in myself, to replace them with true ones. Knowing that some things can be objectively true, I also would rarely accept beliefs based on conformity or authority alone, without considering whether it was also true.2.Our beliefs is our way of knowing what the world is really like.Lying denies other people, and yourself, an accurate view of the world.For most of my life I would give that brutal honesty to anyone who crossed my path- most of the time hurting people’s feelings without even knowing it. It wasn’t until my thirties that I realized I needed to make some adjustments, and perhaps take the brutality out of my honesty.It was a difficult task, but I finally understood that I didn’t have to open my mouth for or about everything.Such as beliefs about society you bear little cost of having, and which are strongly enforced in your peer-group.