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This is why I am such an advocate of porn and I wish people would be more open to watching and talking about it.Of course I understand that pornography is not everyone’s thing – perhaps you don’t get off watching other people act out your fantasy, but if this is the case, I believe you’re in the minority, and most people only say they don’t enjoy porn because it is frowned upon by polite society and seen as disgusting by shallow-minded, insecure people who are to scared to confront their own sexual desires.

Men and women don’t watch porn to construct an ideal of how their real partner should look or act; they’re watching it for entertainment and pleasure. Apparently I’m a silly caricature because of what I find sexually pleasing.If you think that pornography gives people false expectations, we might as well ban rom-com movies since they give women the fantasy that they will one day be swept off their feet and be kissed in the rain by some impossibly handsome man. Also the ‘slutty blond’ actress is only featured in the minority of porn, if a guy is into black women, fat women or even lady-boys he can easily find that type of pornography. If you find errors in the texts, broken links, or would like to share other concerns, please use this feedback form. Mice first broke onto the public stage with the introduction of the Apple Macintosh in 1984, and since then they have helped to completely redefine the way we use computers.How Bug Spray Works Why would you throw a fire extinguisher?

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For those like me, who are open enough to explore their fantasies, watching pornography can be very liberating; I think everyone should try it once.

There are those that say that porn is harmful to society, that it objectifies women, and gives males false ideals of how women should be. For starters I don’t think porn objectifies women at all, rather it liberates them.

I also think its offensive to say that these slutty women don’t exist. There are many more depictions of women than the ones people talk about.

That is the great thing about porn, like music there is something out there for everyone and people ought to have the freedom to find it and explore it without feeling ashamed.

I am a woman and I love porn, I love to watch it and I love to make it.