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'Does no-one remember Police Scotland's campaign last year during the festive season to reduce the number of domestic incidents during the festive period, 'a time when domestic violence is at it's highest'?

There was just one arrest at the previous league fixture between the two clubs in September, but the game was marred by hanging effigies, sectarian songs, offensive banners and vandalism at Celtic Park.

The city had three colleges, including a Sanskrit college (1865) and a girls' school (1867) opened during the reign of the Maharaja Ram Singh II.

It came amid fears in Number 10 that the row over the Prime Minister's tax affairs could affect the result of the EU referendum in June and was seen as an effort to draw a line under the issue after a week of damaging headlines.Months after his stockbroker father Ian Cameron died in September 2010, his mother Mary gave him a £200,000 gift.'.'She added that: 'Those that are of a middle to upper class background can partake in illicit substances in their university days without ever jeopardising their future career but [for] many people from a working class background, a drugs related conviction, no matter how minor, can have a devastating impact on their life chances in terms of employment.'Mr Campbell was the leader of Africans for Independence and has stood for the socialist Solidarity party in Scottish council elections as well as the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in the general election five years' ago.He was named by Miss Mc Laughlin in her maiden speech to Parliament, in which she said: 'My partner, Graham Campbell, is an English-Scottish-Jamaican socialist who led Africans for an Independent Scotland during the referendum.And he has asked the question: 'Where are my civil liberties if I choose to do that because it is part of my religious beliefs?

Where are my civil liberties if it criminalises me?David Cameron (pictured at the Conservative party's spring forum yesterday) saved himself £5,000 over the past two years due to the Government's decision to cut the top rate of income tax from 50p to 45p in 2013The details were revealed after the Prime Minister took the unprecedented step of publishing his private tax affairs following the revelations last week that he held a £30,000 stake in his stockbroker father's Blairmore offshore fund.The disclosure of his tax arrangements revealed how he personally benefited from George Osborne's announcement in his 2012 Budget that the top rate of tax for those earning more than £150,000 would be cut from 50p to 45p.Today Ms Sturgeon became the final Scottish party leader to disclose her tax affairs after Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and her Conservative counterpart Ruth Davidson made their returns public on Saturday.'Nicola Sturgeon pays tax on her full salary entitlement but only draws her salary at its 2008/09 level - the balance is automatically paid to the Scottish Government for use in general public spending.In the 19th century, the city grew rapidly and by 1900 it had a population of 160,000.