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Ecommerce merchants that want to build lasting relationships with customers should take a risk and require registration at checkout. I also know that she likes window shopping for high-end furniture and watching action adventure movies.

Your name will be above the search bar with a link similar to “Armando’s ” You also should see your name to the right of the search bar, where the copy reads something like “Hello Armando, Your Account.” Amazon is able to do this because it requires registration with checkout.

It is not possible to check out as a guest or to check out anonymously on Amazon.

Has your approach to dating and your role in real estate taken on an uncanny resemblance?

Selling a property can be a lot like dating – there will be successes, failures and nerves involved, but ultimately it's how you present yourself and your agency that can make or break the relationship.

Spouses can build on conversations they’ve already had, and reference common interests and shared aspirations rather than trying to discover them for the first time.

So why is it that when a loyal customer returns to your ecommerce site for the third, fourth, or nth time that you still treat that loyal customer like you’ve just met?

In this situation, it’s your job to pursue the client if they are not getting back to you.

Keep it mellow, however: a phone call within 48 hours of the appraisal is worthwhile and if they’re not ready, stay in touch and keep their number in your database.

There is a good analogy between marketing for long-term, loyal ecommerce customers and dating someone you hope to one day marry.

Marketers who think about building customer relationships the same way they think about building personal relationships may find personalization will give them a significant competitive advantage.

Your first impression as a professional, just like your first impression on a date, is crucial.