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It is going to take a while and you don’t want to run out of battery midway though.

Apple devices are very pretty, but they are much better when they run smoothly, so avoiding any potential hitches will keep your stress levels down.

Connect to the internet The i OS 7 update is around 752 MB in size, depending on the type of device you have, so downloading using a data network is likely to be expensive. Backing up your phone will also take time and use data, so it is best to use a stable Wifi network. There are two ways to install i OS 7 on your i Pad and i Phone – either directly on the device itself or by plugging it into a computer and updating through i Tunes.

Documents, preferences and files held in Apps may also be lost.

By backing up your i Phone or i Pad, you can ensure you can get it back.

It’s incredibly beneficial to have a program that allows you to restore your device without the need to trust i Tunes.

Your best option is toolkit - i OS System Recovery.

Jailbroken i Phones will be updated to the version the phone was at before it was jail-broken and the device will be re-locked. Both options are efficient ways to restore an i Phone stuck in recovery.

Doing so through i Tunes won’t necessarily guarantee recovering all data on your phone.

It is the world's 1st i Phone and i Pad Data Recovery Software and the best option for resolving any issues you may encounter with virtually every i OS device.

Some of the features that make so reliable include; N/B: This entire process will update your phone to the latest version of i OS.

A wide range of issues could possibly cause an i Phone to go into recovery mode.