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, humans normally pass into Soul Society when they die.

But sometimes they can't move on for various reasons and choose to remain in the living world.

begins with Ichigo becoming a substitute shinigami.

But in reality, this is a crime in Soul Society and he ends up losing those powers.

proceeds toward its conclusion and we learn more about Ichigo's parents and the eternal enemy of the shinigami, it becomes obvious that things aren't so simple.

Whatever the truth may be, it's a sure bet that Hollow Ichigo will play a major role in There’s no device more perfect for taking your gaming on the go than the smartphone.

But along the way, he awakens a darker side known as Hollow Ichigo.

Let's take a deeper look at this alternate persona!The series' licensing rights were later acquired by Viz Media, first publishing the series in Germany after partnering with publishing house Tokyopop.Strawberry 100% chronicles the school years of Junpei Manaka, a student and aspiring movie director, and his relationships with the girls that enter his life.Soon, Hollow Ichigo begins to make attempts to overpower Ichigo and take over his body.Ichigo needs the strength of Hollow Ichigo to defeat his enemies, but can he handle the risks posed by using his darker side?The two become friends with the common ambition of turning great stories into movies.