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This brings to mind things like making certain things illegal to show on TV (pay attention to what your kids watch, or get rid of your TV dammit!) As if our House has nothing better to fucking do.Who takes liability when a name doesn't appear at time of scan? It means pretty much all our problems are solved, since the legislature has time to debate this frivolous stuff.

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If the nazis ran this country I'm sure the first thing they would do is persecute the sex offenders which are clearly the most despised group of individuals in America. I want to run a background check before I continue talking to you to find out if you've got any criminal background.".. » after Uma Thurman had submitted a DNA sample for an over-the-counter analysis of the prospective boyfriend's hair folicule. If I was using a match maker (whether online or not) I would certainly appreciate them taking the effort to try and weed out criminals/sex offenders/etc, but would I take that as certainty that anyone I meet through them is safe? Law requiring the check or not, people have to use common sense.

This is kind of stupid.-=Russ=- You have all seen "Gattaca" (1997, Andrew Niccol) right ? It's bullshit that people expect they can be relieved of the responsibility for their actions simply by getting a law passed to make it illegal to be stupid.

The problem I have with background checks is most dating sites do not collect enough information about the person to do an effect check.

Most just require your name, the city you live in and your personal interests.

It would require Internet dating services operating in Illinois to post disclaimers saying whether they conduct background checks on their members.

I find the idea of a centralized database of personal information offensive and orwellian. can I get your name, address, social security number, date of birth, and a few credit card numbers? While I appreciate the efforts to protect citizens, often time laws are put in place that restrict our freedoms with respect to how a sub-group of individuals thinks we should behave.

if someone doesn't want to use his real information, it is pretty easy for them to find this information and just pretend they are someone else. If you are looking for a background check service that allows you to find information on people, please read our People Finders review.

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The Illinois Internet Dating Safety Act (Bill SB2545) passed in the Senate yesterday and now heads to the Governor's office.

The bill requires online dating sites to either conduct criminal background checks on all members or post warnings on their websites that they do not.

I figure all interaction online involves an element of risk, and online dating sites are as safe as you--the user--make them for yourself.