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As unfortunate as it is and I do not deny that these places exist, it is nice to find someone who is showing my side of Nairobi!!!!

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The picture of the Ismaili Mosque pg 11 brought back some found memories. Thanks for your excellent and superb work you are doing. THAT'S MAGICAL KENYA FOR YOU, VINTAGE NAIROBI-THE GREEN CITY IN THE SUN.

Thanks Brian for sharing them on the Net, Best wishes and Regards.... Why don't you post your photo to this link so that we can see your face. Keep up your job.fantastic work which is an act of your appreciation to my pictures are a clear proof to critics that kenya can also stand on the global comparison pictures are a true revelation of what kenya is and the work is a bove the u could do it in other cities like kisumu and mombasa. BRIAN, YOUR EFFORTS ARE WORTH A THOUSAND CAMPAIGNS FOR MARKETING KENYA IN A SINGLE REEL OF PHOTO FILM. Brian, well done, its people like you who give meaning to the word patriotism - love of ones go out and compile what you've come up with takes a lot of time, dedication and of course MONEY.

Those in tourism industry should learn more from you. Terrific job and hope you keep up the wonderful job of showing Kenya from a different angle! at list we have a positive image of nairobi, tired of seeing picture of our dark side (poverty striken street kids, slams etc) and yet nothing is done about it..makes people in the west think in a very naive about africa in general. Of interest is Kitale/Bungoma and mount Elgon area. Tell fellow Kenyans that they have such a wonderful country and Nairobi is such a beatiful city.

Include carnivore and the splash, village market, windsor, safari park, uchumi's, nakumatt and all the posh areas of Nairobi. "thumps up for the coloured pictures" keep up the good job mr Mcmorrow Man Brian, thanks alot for your pictures. Do you have any great shot od Mount Elgon on the Kenya Uganda border? They should never take what they have for granted but love it with all their hearts. Im a girl from 16 (Holland)and I went to Kenya 2 months ago with a project for education..

Now I understand what he has been telling me and how happy he is for having made the trip. The pictures are clear and very real, true depiction of Kenya.

Its been 5 years since I was back in Kenya and these photos have managed to make me nostalgic.Anyone knos anyone who also went to school at Kestral Manor (1976) and St Mary's (1976-1979)?My family unfortunately had to leave this beatiful country way back in 1979, as our father passed away in Mombasa much too young only 39 years old. The Kenyans and their rich culture and naturally the overwhelming nature had a deep impact on me.It's nice to see Kenya in from a positive view point. Great pics, very different from what discovery TV channel shows (wildebeests crossing the Mara river), and CNN showing slums and Aids as if everyone in Kenya has aids and lives in slums, at least with this kind of marketing I think it counters negative portrayal in western media, even most building are better than what i see in Washington DC!It's truly a beautiful land and I am proud to be a Kenyan. Jeff Koinange tafadhali Jivunie kuwa mkenya and help potray africa positively. this is what people outside of Nairobi want to see. I've been away from home for quite a while and preparing for a long overdue visit and seeing this pics put away alot of the negativity that i'm used to seeing in our online newspapers. Please let me know if you have any more from the Western part of Kenya.I visited Kenya again in 1992 and hope to come back soon, perhaps with my wife and three children to show them where papa went to school, played football, had numerous safaris and played in the coral sand and reefs with my two brothers at Mombasa.