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Setting people up The governing philosophies of most dating sites are rooted in either setting people up based on the idea that both people are either alike or that their differences complement one another.

EHarmony, for example, was founded by a clinical psychologist who felt most marriages that ended involved people whose personalities were too different.

The company’s measurement of success is whether it can stimulate more “four ways” — conversations in which each potential partner responds twice.As Ok Cupid’s site puts it: “We don’t claim to evaluate you perfectly, but we do claim to find someone who claims to fulfill your claimed requirements, exactly.” But there is little proof that what people like online corresponds to what they like offline.So why not take what we do know about what makes good relationships and apply that to online dating? ” said Finkle, who insists he has no plans to start his own dating site. But it’s the first option that at least has the potential to work.” Rudder dismissed the idea as “of little practical value.” For him, the only data that’s relevant is data Ok Cupid collects about what gets more users chatting online. “But if dating sites don’t fit into some pre-existing theory, so what?E-Commerce Times Ethnic-Oriented Portals Bring Culture to Holiday Shopping, by Jennifer Le Claire SUMMARY: Sites like Black, Asian and Mundo are serving up culturally sensitive shopping, content and community this holiday season in an effort to cash in on online shopping revenues that Forrester Research predicts will generate more than US billion. The Asians in America Project Speed Dating with Click2Asia: Love and Romance in just five minutes, by Ann Cruz If you're a young, upwardly mobile, single professional in today's fast paced world, you probably know first hand how hard it is to make time for a social life, much less a love life. Link to Article Click2hosts its first Speed Dating Event at Lunaria Jazz Club!The promise is that there is a scientific method of systematizing all the mystery and happenstance of human attraction.

But all that science, it turns out, isn’t quite so scientific.And people are terrible at figuring out what they actually want in the first place.Studies of speed dating have shown that the people daters reported interest in frequent don’t actually fit with their outline of an ideal match.“Anything that gets you across from someone with a cup of coffee or pint of beer is a good thing,” he said.“That’s what Tinder does and it’s the best thing that online dating as it is now could ever hope to do.” Suggesting a change But Finkel would also like to see dating sites tackle dating’s “hard problem” — actually pairing people with potential partners who might be a good match.(He, like Finkel, is skeptical of sites with an overly scientific approach.) “He is debunking a problem no one believes exists,” said Rudder. In other words, there is no evidence to suggest the algorithm does anything worthwhile.