navan dating Is robert pattison dating kristine stewart

Her fling with Sanders is the reason she and Robert Pattinson split up.

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Twihards will be eagerly awaiting word on their beloved Edward and Bella. co-star, Robert Pattinson, she's altered her outlook when it comes to talking about her love life.If she goes to visit Rob in England, it will be after Christmas," a source claims."She really wants to go to the Isle of Wight with Rob, and it's a possibility they may celebrate the new year there, like they have in the past.It was really hard on her and it made her realize that she needs to make some changes if she’s ever going to get him back.” “She’s stopped contacting him; she’s letting him make all the moves,” the source adds.

“Her plan is to start ignoring him, although so far, she hasn’t been able to go that far but that’s her plan.

"I think it takes a minute to sort of acclimate to communicating with so many people at one time, with like, 'the masses,' you know," she shared.

"I know people love to say, 'Oh, she doesn't give a...' like, no, I totally do, man!

“She’s decided that she needs to start playing hard to get,” our source says.

“She’s hoping that when Rob finds out she’s talking about moving on that he’ll step up to the plate.” We understand why Kristen feels the need to do something drastic; we just hope this plan doesn’t backfire on her!

Rumors about the status of their relationship have been constant since they got together in 2009, and speculation picked up steam in July 2012, when photos of Kristen kissing her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, surfaced.