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Features many stars of the era and emphasizes the range of talents that made up this uniquely American art form including comics, jugglers, animal acts, acrobats and skaters. Before they pump the pail full of water they indulge in a love-making scene. Herself relieves her mind through woman's sole weapon. DVD X2060; also on DVD 3552 [disc 3]; vhs 940 Directed by D. It isn't long before the two old pals of the saddle are bitter enemies.

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The foreman thinks they are homosexual and in the ensuing fight they become involved in a long pie throwing scene from one of the movies in production. A satire of life at a silent movie studio, a thinly veiled satire of Mack Sennett's Keystone Company. Gloria stars as a lovesick girl who dresses up as a man in order to seduce a rival femme away from her beau. Now the young man, minister in tow, pursues his bride while her father and a horde of lawmen pursue them both. The secretary answers the ad, taking care to dress as unattractively as possible. The heroine is chained to a railroad track by the villain and is rescued by her hero Teddy, a dog... Cast: Arbuckle, Buster Keaton, Betty Compson, Al St. Arbuckle arrives in Buster Keaton's wild West saloon, foils a holdup in progress and becomes involved in several gun battles. DVD 669; DVD 4993; DVD 1722; vhs 92 Directed by and Cast: Charles Chaplin. A poor hat-check girl loses her job and is forced to get a job as a dancer at a roadhouse. Mary rescues the nag from the glue factory and brings him home with her, with hilarious results. In this comedy, a husband is lured away from his prim wife, who transforms herself into an attractive and stylish woman to win him back. A dark, slightly kinky comedy in which carousing Harry is cast as a philanderer who is hauled into court by his disgruntled wife. Featuring Chaplin, Merna Kennedy, Allan Garcia, Harry Crocker. Culpepper, eager to make an impression in high society, has planned a big dinner party. Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charlie Hall, Edgar Kennedy, Viola Richard and Dorothy Coburn. Cast: Lloyd, Ann Christy, Bert Woodruff, Brooks Benedict, Babe Ruth. Disc 2: Golf (1922, 27 min.) -- Lizzies of the field (1924, 14 min.) -- Heavy love : the ton of fun (1926, 20 min.) -- Uppercuts / producer, Al Christie (1926, 11 min.) -- Beauty and the bump (1927, 16 min.) -- Reckless Rosie (1929, 11 min.)."Charlie is in boot camp in the "awkward squad." Once in France he gets no letters from home. There she falls in love with the son of a rich businessman. Cast: Gloria Swanson, Elliott Dexter, Lew Cody, Julia Faye, Sylvia Ashton. De Mille's Sex Comedies." In: The silent cinema reader / edited by Lee Grieveson and Peter Krämer. Based on the Charles Frohman stage production "'op o' me thumb" by Frederick Fenn and Richard Pryce. As punishment, the judge orders Langdon to assume his wife's household duties, leading to the film's funniest moments. Chaplin won the Academy Award for writing, acting, directing and producing this film set in a small traveling circus. Her husband is less than enthusiastic, but her worst problem is that the two waiters whom she has hired turn out to be clumsy and inexperienced bumblers. Cast: Norma Shearer, Lowell Sherman, John Mack Brown, Gwen Lee. Leaving the dentist's office, where Hardy's teeth have been extracted by mistake, the boys, still under the influence of laughing gas, meet up with a traffic cop and cause a huge traffic jam. "Speedy" comes to the rescue when his girlfriend's grandfather's horsecar is stolen by a gang. Featuring: Larry Semon, Oliver Hardy, Billy Bevan, Stan Laurel, Jack Duffy, Perry Murdock, Frances Lee.DVD X3948 (2-disc set); DVD 113; vhs 91 Directed by James Parrott. In this silent comedy film sailors on leave, Stan and Ollie, pick up two girls and create a mammoth traffic jam in their rented Model "T". Soon they're out of a job, as well as their lodgings when the landlady finds out they've been fired. Love and marriage follow, but their newlywed bliss is threatened when Paul's uncle recognizes Evelyn from a wild party he had attended. Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Kay Deslys, Isabelle Keith, Edgar Kennedy. Cast: Buster Keaton, Dorothy Sebastian, Edward Earle, Leila Hyams, William Bechtel. As she makes her departure, Ollie's rich uncle is scheduled to come and Ollie is to inherit a fortune if he is happily married. DVD X314; DVD 274; vhs 972 Director: James Parrott. Stanley's attempts to treat Oliver's cold include dropping a swab down his friend's throat, applying a mustard plaster to his rump, and inflating the air mattress from the gas jet until it has Oliver pressed against the ceiling. Oklahoma mechanic Pike Peters (Will Rogers) finds himself part owner of an oil field. W's little game / directed by Lynn Shores (1934) -- The treasurer's report / directed by Thomas Chalmers (1928) -- Traffic regulations (1929) -- Sex life of a polyp (1928) -- Humorous flights / directed by Fred Fleck (1929) -- Crime control / produced and directed by Leslie Roush ; photographed by William Steiner. DVD X3301; Video/C 924 In the beginning: A survey of once important, now forgotten but still funny vaudevillians, stage actors and novelty acts that gravitated to the film world during the first fifteen years of the century. DVD 1312 A survey of once important, now forgotten but still funny vaudevillians, stage actors and novelty acts that gravitated to the film world during the first fifteen years of the century. Flip (1909) -- Alkali Ike's auto (1911) -- Mabel's dramatic debut (1913) -- Fox-trot finesse (1915) -- A cure for pokeritis (1912) -- Be my wife [abridged] (1921) -- A natural-born gambler (1916).The boys try their luck at being street musicians, but the tiffs they get into with each other soon spread to all in the street. Evelyn sets an elaborate trap for the old aristocrat in order to regain the confidence of her husband. When Stan and Ollie attempt a relaxing day of picnicking with their spouses, car trouble stalls their plans and turns the day into a near-riot. In his last silent film, Keaton plays a hapless pants-presser who pines for a stage actress. His wife, Idy, hitherto content, decides the family must go to Paris to get 'culture' and meet 'the right kind of people.' Pike and his grown son and daughter soon have flirtatious French admirers; Idy rents a chateau from an impoverished aristocrat; while Pike responds to each new development with homespun wit. Freres: Policemen's little run (1907); Troubles of a grass Widower (1908). Their work in front of the camera inspired the first wave of film comedy. Their work in front of the camera inspired the first wave of film comedy. Featuring: Oliver Hardy, Billy Bletcher, Victor Moore, Ben Turpin, Augustus Carney, Mabel Normand, Mack Sennett, Ford Sterling, Roscoe Arbuckle, Mr. Sidney Drew, John Bunny, Flora Finch, Max Linder, Bert Williams.There we learn she is a professional journalist studying how men propose and wisely exploiting the men's willingness to be fooled by her feminine charms. (Look for an 18-year-old Gloria Swanson in one of her earliest appearances). The grateful girl takes Charlie home where he fails as a farmhand. Jeff Hillington is the extremely naive son of a wealthy Eastern family --he loves the old west so much he romanticizes its glories. One night after a fight breaks out in the club where she works as a cigarette girl, Amarilly brings an injured socialite home with her. Stage struck Colleen Moore - in an early role without her famous bob, but looking adorable nonetheless -- insists that she won't marry Earle Rodney because she is going to devote her life to the stage -- and the small-town stage at that, where the leading man shares his dressing room with a cow. (Full-text available online [UC Berkeley users only]; Print: Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1998.2 . Cast: Buster Keaton, Sybil Seely, Joe Roberts, Edward F. Buster gets knocked out while playing golf with Sybil, and an escaped prisoner changes clothes with him. They're fast, but you have to call 2 weeks in advance! But difficulties arise when Mary sees her boss boarding the same train - and there is also the problem that her boyfriend doesn't have a ticket." [IMDB] 35 min. Cast: Douglas Fairbanks, Marguerite De la Motte, William Lowery Charlie Jackson is a Greenwich Village character who invents Rube Goldberg-style contraptions. The Indian chief tells his braves to kill the first white man they see, and Buster appears, chasing a butterfly. Film is a parody of Longfellow's poem, The village blacksmith. She and her new husband then go home to meet her four gorilla-like brothers. Film is notable for the sets of a typical studio of the 1920s. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2000. Laser Disc 143 includes an interview with Lita Grey Chaplin, never-before-seen production photographs taken on location, and an original scenario by Chaplin called "The Lucky Strike", that he wrote in preparation for The Gold Rush. DVD 1780; DVD 1089; VHS 9 Directed by Sidney Franklin. The lord is in it for love, but his business associate (Joe Diamond) smells money. When she is jailed, he comes to her aid ushering his fugitive moll through a series of riotous scrapes. Maggie, a shopgirl in a five-and-ten-cent store, falls in love with the owner's son, who gives up his society sweetheart for her.

By keeping viewers unaware of the heroine's motives until the end, the film challenges expectations about conventional male and female behavior." 6 min. "Women at the Wheel: Matrimony's Speed Limit and Suspense." In: American cinema of the 1910s : themes and variations / edited by Charlie Keil and Ben Singer. He again helps drive off the hobos (who are now trying to break into the house). Though a hero, Charlie, knowing he must go, writes a farewell note and leaves for the open road." [IMDB] 32 min. Cast: Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Albert Austin, Henry Bergman, Lloyd Bacon, Charlotte Mineau. On a sailing trip, sweethearts Bobby and Gloria arrive in a very sinister-looking India, where an evil rajah attempts to force Gloria into his harem. "An Appetite for Living: Gloria Swanson, Colleen Moore, and Clara Bow." In: Idols of modernity : movie stars of the 1920s / edited by Patrice Petro. When his father sends him to Arizona on business, Jeff expects it to be the place he read about in dime-store novels, and to appease him, the townsfolk put on a wild west show that turns real. Grateful for her care, he hires Amarilly to clean his apartment and, over time, begins falling in love with her. To cure Roscoe of his drinking, his wife commits him to the No Hope Sanitarium. (Full-text available online [UC Berkeley users only]; Print: Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1998.2 . This comedy is not short on laughs, but excels by virtue of Miss Moore's charming enthusiasm. Buster goes to prison and learns that he is to be hanged. Cast: Olive Thomas, Warren Cook, Theodore Westman, Jr., Katherine Johnston, Arthur Housman. We see some of the other messengers as well, including a height challenged deliverer and one very advanced in age. Cast: Gale Henry, Milburn Morante, Hap Ward, Phyllis Allen. Naive and spoiled Buster's father owns the Henrietta silver mine. He uses them to please his friends and his sweetheart but more often than not, they backfire. After being tied to a stake - upon which he is to be burned, and which he keeps moving around - he becomes one of the tribe and helps them with their fight. (Full text available online [UC Berkeley users only]; Print: Main (Gardner) Stacks; PFA PN1995.9. Heeding the expansionist call of Horace Greeley, a hapless young man idealistically hops a freight train to meet his destiny, with hilarious results. Cast: Constance Talmadge, Ronald Colman, Albert Gran, Jean Hersholt. Learning of their relationship, the boy's father unsuccessfully tries to buy Maggie off, but is ultimately convinced of her worth and agrees to their marriage. Cast: Harry Langdon, Priscilla Bonner, Alma Bennett. Cast: Jean Hersholt, Phyllis Haver, Belle Bennett, Don Alvarado, Sally O'Neil.

He finally gets a package containing limburger cheese which requires a gas mask and which he throws over into the German trench. Daddy-long-legs: The oldest and cutest of a group of rebellious orphans, July Abbott is provided with funds for her education and well-being by a mysterious benefactor whom she christens "Daddy-long-legs." What the daisy said: A film short about two sisters want to know whether there is romance in their future. The boys father believing her to be after the family's money, determines to embarrass her and show his son what she really is. Leila Porter, tired of her dull husband, leaves him for another man who turns out to be a two-timing playboy. Special features: Introduction by David Robinson (6 min.) ; Chaplin today: The circus / by Francois Ede with Emir Kusturica (documentary, 26 min.) ; deleted sequence (10 min.) ; October 7-13, 1926: outtakes from a week of shooting on The Circus (26 min.) ; Mountbatten home movies (7 min.) ; Hollywood premiere (1928) (6 min.); Camera A, camera B., shots made simultaneously from the two cameras used in shooting The Circus (1 min.); 3-D test footage by Roland Totheroh (2 min.); Jackie Coogan: excerpts (12 min.); photo gallery; film posters; trailers (8 min.); Chaplin collection (12 min.) 72 min. DVD includes From soup to nuts / director, Edgar Kennedy (restored b&w version, 1928, 18 min.) Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Harry Bernard (Another fine mess) ; Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Anita Garvin (From soup to nuts) 28 min. Cast: Victor Mc Laglen, Louise Brooks, Robert Armstrong, Maria Casajuana. Shearer makes her last silent film a fun one, portraying a tough cookie who falls among thieves even shadier than she is, cons them at their own grifts and marries what she thinks is a wealthy young son of the South. After finding the car he gets it back on the track in time to make the daily run. Cast: Johnnie Walker, Bessie Love, Ernest Hilliard, Lionel Belmore, David Mir. Disc 3: Originally released as motion pictures between 19.

He goes "over the top" and captures thirteen Germans ("I surrounded them"), then volunteers to wander through the German lines disguised as a tree trunk. One sister pulls the petals off of a flower, while the other has her fortune told by a gypsy. Bonus features: Introduction by Martin Scorcese; "The delicious little devil" (short film with Rudolph Valentino and Mae Murray, 1919, si., 54 min.); stills gallery from Gloria Swanson's collection; 85 minute wire recording of Gloria Swanson from 1955; interviews, articles and videos detailing the restoration process; alternative audio track with more sound effects. She encourages her first husband to pursue her again and luckily for Leila, he is happy to have her back. A sea-faring Romeo finds himself a step behind the competition when he visits his girlfriends in various ports of call. This feature takes silent film star Lloyd's frenetic style to new, hilarious extremes. When Ginger Bolivar's amateur stock company is invited to join superstar Don Wilson's Broadway review, little does she know that recently hired bit-part actor Harry Mann and Don are one and the same. With the advent of sound, the vaudeville-immigrant genre added comic speech to its repertoire of physical comedy and funny situations. Luke's movie muddle (1916, 10 min.) -- Pay your dues (1919, 13 min.) -- The nonskid kid (1922, 11 min.) -- Sold at auction (1923, 22 min.) -- Smithy (1924, 14 min.) -- Forgotten sweeties (1927, 21 min.).

In this typical one-shot gag film Cohen, a Jewish shop owner, hits upon a new advertising scheme: tricking a passerby into buying a coat on which he hangs a large sign advertising his store on the back. The picture opens with a close view of the individual members of the family. 11 min vhs 978; vhs 95 Cast: William Garwood and Florence La Badie A light-handed battle-of-the-sexes comedy portraying several married couples vacationing on an island. Lorraine and his schoolteacher daughter Alice plan to come and stay there. Her husband and daughter, though, have no interest in society affairs. O'Brien wants to invite Lord Abernathy to the hunt, and she mentions this to the 'society pilot' who is advising her. Bank clerk Buster gets overturned glue on everything, mostly the money. Fields stage skits, originally performed in the Broadway revue The Comic Supplement. Cast: Eddie Cantor, Clara Bow, Billie Dove, Lawrence Gray, Natalie Kingston. They meet by accident and don't recognize each other. Ronald, an idealistic freshman who attends Clayton College finds himself embroiled in a war of athletics as he fights for the heart of his beloved coed, Mary. DVD 255 Directed by Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman.

When the men play and the women work, the ladies rebel and move to an island of their own. When the Lorraines arrive, Jack Turner sells them his cabin, and falls in love with Alice. Lorraine passes away, the miners ask Alice to start a school for them. "'Cohen Saves the Flag' is a very early Keystone comedy, one of several starring Ford Sterling as a scruffy coward named Izzy Cohen. Charlie, dressed as a tramp for the first time, goes to a baby-cart race in Venice, California. But this woman and a confederate are merely using Mrs. When Lord Abernathy is unavailable, they convince an ambitious young man to impersonate him, so that they can proceed with their scheme." [IMDB] 39 min. He can't "stick 'em up" when robbers turn up because his hands are stuck in his pockets. Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Carl Miller, Jack Coogan, Edna Purviance. Harold Manners (Lloyd) is a millionaire playboy who falls for the Downtown Girl, Hope (Ralston) who works in Brother Paul's (Weigel) mission. Fields, Louise Brooks, Blanche Ring, William Gaxton, Mary Foy. Described in the opening title as "the epic of the American druggist," the skits feature the trials and tribulations of druggist Elmer Prettywillie. A salesman is helped out of a jam with an angry customer by a wealthy playboy. They make plans for an illicit rendezvous, both nervous about stepping out on their spouses, but happy to feel attractive for the first time. Cast: Harry Langdon, Priscilla Bonner, Robert Mc Kim, Gertrude Astor, William V. In this silent comic classic, Belgian veteran Paul Bergot comes to America after World War I with a travelling show to find the girl whose letters gave him hope while at the war front. Cast: Keaton, Marion Mack, Charles Smith, Frank Barnes.

For Tony's sake, the 'new' Patsy throws herself at Grace's new beau, hoping to break up the romance. She finally triumphs and becomes very vain and snooty but as she's about to marry a French count, Billy brings her to her senses with the aid of a well-aimed custard pie. Riverboat captain "Steamboat Bill"'s effete son Buster comes to see his estranged dad. When his father is arrested, Buster decides to bust him out of jail. Cast: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Otto Lederer, Agnes Steele, Sam Lufkin, Charlie Hall, Christian Frank, Rolfe Sedan. Ollie and Stanley are two Christmas Tree sales reps who get into one of their usual mutual destruction fights with a homeowner. Hazel, another salesgirl, is Jean Harlow's first credited role. Laura La Plante stars as a bright-eyed dancer who is fired from her chorus line job, cornered by a sly womanizer and evicted from her apartment, all in a single day. Disc 3: Be reasonable (1921) () --At your service (1921) () -- Call the wagon (1923) () -- Cinderella Cinders (1920) () -- Hold still (1926) () -- A hash house fraud (1915) () -- Faro nell (1929) () -- Hollywood runaround (1932) () -- Playboy number one (1937) () This special collection of rare short films pays homage to the great American satirist Robert Benchley and two other witty literati who shared his company at the Hotel Algonquin's legendary round table and personified the sophisticated literary scene of New York in the 1920's and 1930's. Flip (1909) -- Alkali Ike's auto (1911) -- Fox-trot finesse (1915) -- A cure for pokeritis (1912) -- Be my wife (1921) -- A natural-born gambler (1916).