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He had signed up on several Jewish singles sites, but found that they just amounted to “looking at pretty girls.” For months, he didn’t go on one date.

Founder/CEO Marc Goldmann reportedly had “a midlife crisis at age 34,” when he was still single and working in the corporate world.He decided that he had to dedicate himself to a project that had impact on the Jewish singles community.Your assistance in helping to organize events is encouraged.The diversity of events we schedule is entirely at the limits of our imagination, and their success is merely at the limits of our participation. As this is a singles group, please post a photo to your profile so others can see you!Unlike most dating sites, there is no ‘browsing’ of other members’ profiles and photos.

Each member gets to choose up to three personal matchmakers, who hand-pick potential matches.

We look forward to seeing you and toasting together! Don't miss this incredible speaker in this awesome art gallery space!

3 fun and friendly singles | 4 Photos Special guest speaker Rabbi Sherre Hirsch.

The matchmaker may assist the couple through the dating process, if they desire.

A year ago, Ron Caplan was a 24 year-old student at the Ohr Somayach Yeshiva/Educational Center in Monsey (Rockland County) New York.

When two members agree to a match, SYAS sends contact information so you can arrange a chat or date.