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So hopefully somebody in Vermont will read this article and order a pair of Redneck Riviera boots and I can say we've got all 50 states.

You had a quote in the Nashville about Margaritaville being "where your dad goes to hang out"…And I don't mean that disparaging, at all.

Margaritaville is a certain demographic of folks that that's where they want to go and chill and sit down and hang.

The Redneck Riviera footwear line, launched last September, has become a top-selling brand across the country.

Rich, on tour this summer with Big & Rich partner Big Kenny, has produced albums and written hits with several country artists, including the No. He also showcased his business acumen by winning the 2011 season of Donald Trump's NBC reality show . We're up here talking about my new brand Redneck Riviera and what it means to hard-working, hard-playing Americans, and having an absolute blast talking about it. Well, people that work hard and play hard are all over this country, all over the world, for that matter.

I'll tell you one great thing that's going to be in a Redneck Riviera bar: if you go to the back of the bar, there will be a small bar in the back that we call the Heroes Bar, a bar that serves Redneck Riviera Beach Beer and of course everything else, but if you're active duty military personnel or a veteran, the first Redneck Riviera Beach Beer is on the house, and I don't care if 1,000 of ‘em show up.

All the veterans, all the active duty, are going to be taken care of, and that theme runs throughout everything we're doing with this brand. It's America's work hard, play harder brand, it's always been that, except now it's coming to a physical representation. I love the energy country music has, the old and the new stuff, but I really like it when you smash the two things together an make ‘em one thing.

John Rich on Uniting Country's Past & Future: 'All of This Timeless Talent Is Right There'I grew up in Tennessee, and I've heard the Gulf of Mexico region, specifically Panama City Beach, Fla., referred to as "redneck Riviera," since I was a kid, so it's amazing to me nobody's latched on to that term, beyond just popular culture.

Yeah, it was incredible to me, too, the phrase "Redneck Riviera" has about 50 or 60 years of people calling it that.

Redneck Riviera is more the rowdy, rural version of that.

It's still a place you can bring your kids; I have a three year-old son and a five year-old son, and there are certain bars I would never take them to.

We tour constantly, and we hit a lot of great cities, but there's just no energy like what's going on in downtown Nashville right now.