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”While I disagree with the aims of the Professor Watchlist, in a free and open society they have a right to highlight professors they disagree with, providing they do so accurately and fairly.“They do not have a right to fabricate, misrepresent and defame or to have academics removed from their posts because they hold liberal views.Another is named for telling students “permissive gun laws are a manifestation of racism” and stating that “the mostly white gun lobby is forcing black people to live in fear”.

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But is this perennial altar call for revival just a politically expedient way of saying, “I don’t like that last guy who was in charge,” or does it reflect the reality of our place in the world stage?

Americans certainly think there are declines and rebirths happening.

The list, hosted by Turning Point USA, is the latest of its kind to name teachers who are disliked or deemed controversial by their students, and follows on from the likes of now-defunct No Indoctrination website, which encouraged students to report “biased” tutors and post complaints against them.

Leading human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said the concept was potentially very damaging for individuals, and risked censorship based on unfounded allegations.

Between 20, Gallup repeatedly asked Americans about whether we think the leaders of other countries respect our president.

We definitely perceived the Bush presidency to be at a low point, respect-wise, in 20. Het zijn de kleuren en geuren die je blij maken, met vriendelijke en behulpzame mensen die je datgene verkopen wat zorgt voor een mooie dag: een beetje geluk in een zakje of een bakje. Jamin zit vol verrassingen en de sfeer maakt de winkel tot een stralend middelpunt van Winkelcentrum De Meent. Snoepjes, repen en blikjes drinken die je in geen enkele andere Nederlandse winkel kunt krijgen. A right-wing activist campaign to expose “leftist professors” is a dangerous attack on free speech that has "echoes of Mc Carthyism", human rights campaigners have warned.New US-based website Professor Watchlist invites students to submit pictures of teachers who “discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom”.Bush said in 2000, when he promised to restore honor and dignity to the White House after Bill Clinton’s sex scandals.