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Different shades of green mixed with the golden light from the sun.

And the smell of pine and moss in every breath I take.

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In a little red house, with a woodstove and a dog I began my new life. I can't describe in words how happy I feel to finally launch this website so that I can show my art to the rest of the world.I followed the voice of my heart and started doing the things I had always dreamed of. It has been a dream for many years to focus more on painting and to share more of my creative life with you.In the next mission, "House of Cards", green team won and gave the blue team the samadhi.However, blue overcame the samadhi and ended up sending green home instead.That ties Zach and Jonna with Leroy and Nia and Wes and Theresa, each with ten -- but since Nia and Leroy had the fastest time, they win and are the Power Couple.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Sarah get tangled up in their bungee cords and wind up in the Dome. Despite not winning the challenge this week, Wes got to play action hero and then masterfully manipulated Leroy.In the early spring I finnished my last painting in the collection.The result was 5 big paintings with the soul of a winternight.I know that Trivia Week is over and we only get one per season, but can next week's challenge involve seeing who goes the longest without being a misogynist? It's not hard to be the smartest knucklehead in the room, but I have to give it to Wes this week."If people ever still ask why we do these when we have real jobs, today is the answer," Wes says to the camera as he geeks out about the truck-jumping challenge.A journey that after 6 years would lead me to living the life of my dreams. I hope you will like my website and find some new inspiration here. I have now started with a new collection of 6 paintings, inspired by nature during spring and summer.