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The chapter by Abel Sierra Madero, ‘Sexing the Nation’s Body During the Cuban Republican Era’, gives an account of how dandyish or effeminate men and also women who flouted ‘feminine’ norms – regardless of whether these people were engaged in any same-sex activity – were seen to threaten ‘the moral integrity of the nation’ (p. As the embodiment of ‘a threat to national masculinity and sovereignty’, effeminate men represented ‘the defeat of national virility against North American values’ (p. In challenging the ‘natural’ order of subordination to men, lesbians and women with ‘deviant masculine features’ (p.

71) – both popularly equated with feminists – endangered healthy reproduction.

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206) for men looking for same-sex encounters, Rajeev Kumaramkandath finds that acquiring the ‘dominant symbol of manhood’ by ‘heading one’s own family’ is ‘a primary condition for one’s homoerotic inclinations to remain unnoticed’ (p. The appearance of conforming to social conventions thus serves to conceal unconventional or illicit desires.relations, and in both cases between active and passive roles, usually (but not always) related to the bodily act of penetrating or being penetrated.According to the PRD officials, most of the complaints are about delay in getting sanctions and certificates from local bodies, about revenue offices and also against police officials.Complaints on denial of educational loans and requests for financial assistance on humanitarian grounds also constitute a major chunk of the grievances.As Wieringa and Sívori point out: ‘The medical and psychiatric establishment has held primacy in the definition and control of sexual desires across the globe’ (p. Denial not merely of their right to exist but even of their actual existence is another well-rehearsed means to force ‘unacceptable’ groups of people and sexual practices underground – for instance by asserting that homoeroticism began with colonialism.

In ' Sexuality and Nationalist Ideologies in Post-colonical Cameroon', Basile Ndjio summarises this attitude: ' Homosexuality is simultaneously represented as an un-African phenomenon, a disease of evil brought to Africa by whites, the most dangerous vestige of Western colonialism, and the most insidious form of neocolonialism' (p. Homoeroticism and same-sex relations are 'demonized', and 'institutionalized' homophobia, multiple violations of the rights of African men and women branded as gays or lesbians, the rhetoric of monstrosity strips them of their bare humanity; (p. In his 'critical ethnography of cruising sites; (p.

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With funding from the Ford Foundation, the programme ran from 2008 to 2010 and included ‘grantee’ training workshops in Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, and Indonesia.

One of its aims was to ‘train a relatively small group of sexuality researchers from different countries of the global South’ and to promote ‘an international community’ among them (p. Tanzania, 1920–60’ by Musa Sadock –– to more contemporary issues such as ‘Canons of Desire: Male Homosexuality in Twenty-first-century Keralam’ by Rajeev Kumaramkandath and ' Sexual Pleasure and the Premarital Sexual Adventures of Young Women in Zimbabwe; by Tsitsi B. Other chapters explore 'gender and sexuality in a women's prison in Brazil (Fabíola Cordeiro), 'gay and lesbian activism in Argentina; (Diego Sempol) and 'the "lesbian" existence in Arab cultures; (Iman Al-Ghafari).

This is one reason why, rather than encouraging honest discussion on gender and sexuality, Cuban feminism distanced itself from any form of female homoeroticism.