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Unless they’re selling dumb, limited-edition perfume, of course. I’m telling you this because without having your own bottle of Flame-Grilled Fragrance on hand, it’ll be difficult to understand just how little it smells like a burger.

Words do not exist in the English language to describe what Flame-Grilled Fragrance smells like.

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For us, this is encapsulated in the idea of bitesized entertainment.I don’t ever really go to Burger King — though I did attempt to eat a seven-patty "Windows 7 Whopper" at this very store upon the 2009 release of Microsoft’s OS — and I don’t even have breakfast most days, let alone burgers.But I don’t usually walk all the way to Shibuya in the morning, either, so I dutifully ate the Whopper. Burgers might not be the most obvious example of Tokyo gourmet, but this is actually a great city for them, and I can confirm that there is no good reason to go to Burger King here. The human nose only has around 400 types of scent receptors, but some researchers believe that these can work together with the brain to identify at least one trillion different odors.Flame-Grilled Fragrance costs ¥5,000, which is about .You do get a Whopper with it, but no fries or drink are included, which I felt was kind of outrageously stingy for the price.It turns out the biggest April Fools are the ones falling for things that are actually real.