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“Alcohol makers can’t just advertise their products, they also have to throw in that caveat that you can enjoy this product but you also have to do it responsibly.

And we haven’t really seen that at all with Uber yet.

All this is good news at a time when an estimated 28 people die daily in drunk driving accidents.

In short, the study concluded, “Uber is more than just a convenient transportation option — it’s also a powerful tool in the fight to reduce the rate of drunk driving crashes.” Even if you look at the study with a cynical eye (it was, after all, backed by the company that stands to benefit from its message), it’s not hard to believe that services that are convenient, reasonably priced and, yes, hipper than many other ways of getting home after drinking are having a positive effect.

Uber may be the best-known rideshare business, but it’s not the only game in town.

In addition to Lyft and a variety of regional companies, there’s also Be My DD (the DD stands for designated driver), which tweaks the Uber model by providing only the driver while you provide the car.

“Ninety-five percent of them would raise their hand and say, ‘It’s because I needed my car home.’ ” Some communities and businesses are also getting on board with the concept, doing what they can to encourage people to use ridesharing services rather than take a chance on driving impaired.

In October, Reuters reported, a New Jersey town struggling with skyrocketing DUI arrests partnered with Uber and Be My DD to provide free rides for drinkers from a variety of establishments that serve alcohol.Never has it been easier to be socially responsible and safe on the roads.No longer do drinkers have to hope their designated driver has resisted temptation, or keep their fingers crossed that they can find a taxi, or wonder how they are going to get their car the next day. It’s a business he started while a part-time rideshare driver himself (something he still does on occasion) as a way to fill an informational void for the rideshare community.Why risk killing yourself or someone else, after all, when a few taps on your phone gets you a driver, pays for their services in a cashless transaction and allows you to rate them when it’s done — a strong incentive for the driver to provide you with quality service. “In addition to the impact that a DUI has on your personal and professional life, the monetary savings of ridesharing as opposed to even risking a DUI is huge,” Campbell said.In a recent incident caught by a dashboard camera, a Southern California Uber driver was shown being assaulted by an apparently intoxicated passenger. It’s probably not the smartest thing, but it’s nice because nobody has to be the one sitting in the corner watching everybody else have a good time.” For rideshare drivers, however, it means there is less likelihood they can count on at least one person in the party to be sober and able to take responsibility for the group.