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Perhaps the most important aspect of a maritime transportation company’s regulatory governing process is compliance recordkeeping, but it is often the most overlooked.

Regulations are clear regarding what is required and fines can be steep if not complied with.

More than likely your maritime organization is governed by an overwhelming body of maritime regulations and company standard operating procedures that require very specific course development, also known as Curriculum in ATMS.

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Utilizing expensive LMS’s and Power Point presentations to build and issue training can leave behind a trail of uncertainty regarding actual completion and recordkeeping.

ATMS offers your organization the control to build courses based on the regulations governing each specific training course or utilize any existing courses already development.

Allow multiple departments to efficiently and effectively manage their required training and recordkeeping while feeling secure that your organization is compliant with these often overlooked area.

Is your maritime transportation organization conducting e Learning through multiple, expensive, per course, outsourced LMS’s?

If your organization receives an audit, training records are typically requested regardless of the audit purpose.

If your organization trains an individual under a federal regulation, there is likely a required record of training to be maintained.Does your maritime shipping organization conduct classroom training using multiple instructors and classroom locations?ATMS’ built-in schedule allows for classroom training to be scheduled in advance without classroom and instructor overlap.Upon class completion instructors can store or grade any testing information within ATMS.Move beyond Outlook meeting requests and manage your training classes results within our advanced training management system.Trainees can easily access their courses via My ATMS through any web browser and run e Learning.