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The serenity, calmness and connection that I felt from these sessions has been a benefit to my mind, body and soul.

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I am more aware of my body and have learned to listen to what it needs.

I am so happy to have found a way for my body to do what it was meant to do without being on medication and running to the doctor.

I was tired of taking pills every day just to mask the symptoms; I wanted to be healed.

Tone-Lise did an exceptional job of helping me find the root of my problems both physically and emotionally.

I have always thought I was happy and well adjusted, but I feel so much different, and so much more at peace than I ever have and I cannot thank you enough." ~ Tarri Blotter, Bismarck recently received a Body Talk session with Tone-Lise.

I was experiencing a lot of stress around a relationship in which I had been obsessing about and some other work related events involving other people’s pain. The session was very helpful and revealed underlying issues associated with the unease I was experiencing.I no longer feel “weighed down” — I feel lighter and less stressed.I have not had a migraine since our sessions began and, most importantly, I can breathe again, also both physically and emotionally.Tone Lise addressed those and since then I have been free of obsessing around that particular person and feel a new freedom and clarity in general. I am grateful for Tone Lise’s expertise in Body Talk and the healing – emotional as well as physical – I have experienced through it." ~ Kathy, North Dakota was unsure of Body Talk and felt a little silly going, but I was to the point where I would try anything just to feel a little better.My allergies were out of control and my weekly migraines were becoming intolerable.Instead of a screaming child trying to throw things and punch people, he closes his eyes and takes deep breaths.