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In May 2005, Ingraham told listeners that her engagement to Reyes was canceled, citing issues regarding her diagnosis with breast cancer.

Despite the breakup, she maintained that they remain good friends and told listeners she was in good health.

Her nationally syndicated talk show, The Laura Ingraham Show, airs throughout the United States on Courtside Entertainment. degree at Dartmouth College in 1985 and a Juris Doctor degree at the University of Virginia School of Law in 1991.

In April 2005, she announced her engagement to businessman James V.Reyes, and that she had undergone breast cancer surgery.profile of your annoying loudmouth boyfriend Keith Olbermann and, like most profiles of MSNBC personalities, it confirms everything you learned about current MSNBC dynamics during the first five minutes of its Iowa caucus coverage.Keith Olbermann is insane, Chris Matthews is insane, and Tom Brokaw is ashamed to be anywhere near them.She said, in jest, that she had decided to "pursue my first loves – modern dance and the xylophone." She was the second major host from TRN's lineup to leave the network that year: TRN's other major program, The Savage Nation, left TRN two months earlier.

Her new program, syndicated by Courtside Entertainment Group, began on January 2, 2013.

Perhaps Keith Olbermann is on his way, too, but he’s not there yet.

When you’re a political scrapper, it can be hard to admit when you’re wrong, but as Schultz demonstrates, if you do it right, people can be surprisingly forgiving.

It becomes impossible to defend anyone’s humanity if you routinely fail to recognize it yourself, even in those with whom you disagree.

Schultz, as my friend Greta Van Susteren observes, seems to get it.

After law school, in 1991, she served as a law clerk for Judge Ralph K. She finally got her wish in 2008, when Fox News Channel gave her a three-week trial run for a new show entitled Just In.