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Thank you Have you seen Lexington women on e Harmony? Here's my suggestion be it Lexington or any where: "CHURCH", try a few untill you find one you like, get involed, and look for real beauty, "beauty within".

It is looking that way OK, now I am picturing you as spin-off of 'Wedding Crashers' a la active church crasher Just kidding man but that is still funny We had another discussion about the lack of places to meet the elder aged singles in Lexington.

It's not that there isn't some quality late 20/early 30s singles, it's that there is a lack of social gathering places in Lexington. I got tired of going out, seeing college kiddies act like jackasses everywhere I went and eventually gave up on the bar scene for a while - ok, except for my beloved Marikas Good tip.

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Some of the best girls I've met in Kentucky are (1) from the country but don't act or behave "country", and (2) from out of state and still pretty but not ego-filled small town beauty queens.

My opinion: Lexington has a lot of college aged girls or recent grads.They are probably still well connected to their social circle and don't have to be outgoing to meet new people nor do they likely see the need.IMO, singles begin to make new connections once their friends become married, too busy with work, etc. Are you suggesting one needs to be from Lexington to have a worthy opinion?I agree, the women in Lexington are very much eye candy but many are also rather unapproachable b/c of the way they carry themselves.Louisville, truthfully, is much the same way in my experience.I'm pretty simple I like to go to the movies or dinner.