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It will be interesting to see if the feature can become as big a sensation as the previous voice calling one.Whats App—the one single mobile app that is making the internet communicators anxious each time the messaging platform releases new features.However, information from beta users leak out and the feature creates an excitement between Whats App users.

After introducing a standalone desktop app few days ago, the company has now released a new beta update (v2.16.80), which includes video calling.

However, the update is available only to those who have signed up for the beta testing program on Google Play.

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Whats App has presently opened up the lines for video calling, albeit on the beta users' smartphones.

And now, this time, it is the similar case about Whats App’s upcoming feature on video calling.

A new hoax message has been circulating around on various groups, which lure users with an invitation to activate video calling.

These messages are usually with links to websites with malware and advertisements.

Each time a user clicks there, the scamster makes the money.

If you receive a call from a user who has the voice calling feature, your Whats App will also have that feature enabled.

Also read: All of 40 Whats App features, tips and tricks you should know Taking advantage of this ‘feature by invite’ system, many scamsters took to Whats App and sent out messages with scam links and a message stating that they are invited to enable voice calling only after they click and share the message.

Some Telecom companies had earlier proposed to ban these services but their efforts were not successful, thanks to millions of netizens and telecom activists in the country.