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Previous reports of Klp2 kinesins agree that it concentrates in spindles, but do not provide a clear view of its function.

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Depletion of KLP-18 by RNA-mediated interference prevents parallel bundling/bipolar organization of the MTs that accumulate around female meiotic chromosomes.Hence, meiotic chromosome segregation fails, leading to haploid or aneuploid embryos. Mitch Marner named NHL rookie of the month for January[Tosses award onto pile] Karri Ramo back in Finland After three tries in the Marlies net and a second surgery, he’s rehabbing in Finland now. The Expansion Draft is a giant, dampening field on the NHL trade market Katya explains everything.KLP-18 corresponds to the predicted open reading frame (ORF) C06G3.2, which is located on the right arm of chromosome IV.

Sequenced parts of overlapping c DNA clones (see further information) cover most of the coding region; remaining gaps were filled by sequencing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products from c DNA clone yk167g6 (2.67 kb; kindly provided by Y.

In eukaryotes meiosis allows the exchange of genetic material between parental chromosomes and leads to the formation of haploid gametes.

Reliable segregation of meiotic chromosomes depends on the correct assembly of microtubules (MTs) into a bipolar spindle.

Subsequent assembly and function of centrosomal mitotic spindles is normal except when aberrant maternal chromatin is present.

This suggests that although KLP-18 is critical for organizing chromosome-derived MTs into a parallel bipolar spindle, the order inherent in centrosome-derived astral MT arrays greatly reduces or eliminates the need for KLP-18 organizing activity in mitotic spindles.

During meiotic prometaphase and metaphase, spindle MTs become parallel and organize into a bipolar spindle with chromosomes at the equator (Albertson and Thomson, 1993).