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‘It accounts for over 30% of cases we see in a year,’ said Oluoch.

Oluoch said that most blackmailers are either gays or straight people acting gay in order to get targets.

revealed that there are over 800 Kenyan profiles of gay men registered.

Cedric told ‘I went to his place and one thing led to another and we had sex. After sex, we heard a knock on the door and someone claiming to a cousin of John and three others came in,’ said Cedric.

What Cedric did not know was that John, immediately after sex had requested to dispose of the used condom only for him to wrap it and hide it under the mattress.

One of the men asked why (pointing at George) he had no shirt on.

‘George was shirtless after the act,’ Patrick added.

Most of these extortionists are taking advantage of the fact that their victims are not open about their own sexuality.

Most of their targets are either married men in heterosexual relationships or bachelors or those in high-voltage professions like priests, pastors or politicians. A married man with two children who lives in Umoja, Cedric parted with over KShs 40,000 to appease blackmailers who took photos of him while engaged in anal sex with another man from a hidden camera.They ransacked his pockets and took KShs 2,000 and a mobile phone.They told him to dress and forced him out of the house and threatened to send the photos to the contacts on his phone if he did not part with KShs 100,000.‘George called me one evening which was a Friday and told me to meet him in Wendani estate in Nairobi. I agreed to go to Wendani the following Saturday in the morning.’Patrick agreed to go to the meeting assuming the two were going to have sex.‘It was clear; from his SMS and tone of voice he wanted sex.He said he will use this as evidence that I raped him and he said he will take me to the police.’‘I was afraid of the police.