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That character is reflected in the writing of the book. Wanted to share this story with everyone and give GGOD a 5-star review! Just got out of a relationship so just started to experiment with online dating recently.You can feel a genuine want for him to help guys improve their online game. Before I read the book, I was doing OK, but not nearly as well as I do in person. Once I got my hands on this book, I noticed a few very important things my profile was lacking.

Cajun also includes the real photos he uses on his Facebook (and I’ve verified that they are the actual ones), and to top it off, he gives his REAL profile.

I have a copy of his old Plenty of Fish profile and I’m telling you, this is the real deal.

Read the rest of Nick Hoss’ Gentleman’s Guide to Online Game review and see photos from the book.

Cajun’s Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating conquers all PUA online game material I’ve read.

This guy was my original mentor and I can tell you there NOBODY better on the phone than him.

JUICY BITS I was a bit surprised by the dating sites Cajun recommends using, which now makes perfect sense.

There seems to be a new tip on profiles, messages or site on each page.

(It’s funny how that one little tweak to your profile can get you exponential gains.) He also outlines the major difference between boring profiles and ones girls mes With that, there is a plethora of message logs included, all real examples of what’s worked for Cajun before.

The depth of analysis into this critical feature is something else.

My favorite part of the book was how to use social networking sites.

I used a personalized copy of this profile and got two dates in four days… Lastly, and this is not to be taken lightly, CAJUN’S QUESTION GAME. If you’ve been in comfort for a few minutes, whip this puppy out.