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2015: Hubbell: 'You don't create magic by playing it safe' Nov.

2015: Hubbell, Donohue take slight lead over Canadians Sep.

I am looking forward to seeing the programs this weekend too!

Their connection on the ice makes the programs that much more enjoyable. I really think they have potential to go far, and this being only their 3rd year. Appreciate the clarification, because in contrast, other skaters (for example: Ashley Wagner; the Shib Sibs) really have set up their own tumblr sites with content straight from the horse's mouth.

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2016 - Hubbell, Donohue aim for second gold of season (at 2016 Finlandia Trophy) Sep. 2015: Program changes par for the course for dance duos (2015 GPF Ice Dance Preview) Dec.

2016 -Hubbell, Donohue defend title with story of love (at 2016 US International Challenge) Sep. 2015: Reinvigorated Hubbell Donohue Compete At First Grand Prix Final Nov.

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Here is their icenetwork bio: And links to their programs at Nebelhorn Trophy where they finished in 1st: SD: v=Ow4-33m-hzk I think they medal at Nationals and make the Olympic team.