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The show has featured its first ever lesbian storyline this year, with the long-standing character Sophie Webster's (Vincent) blossoming romance with best friend Sian Powers (Sacha Parkinson).Vincent was nominated for the award for Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor or Actress for her portrayal of Sophie at The British Soap Awards 2008.[4] At the 2008 Inside Soap Awards, Vincent was nominated in the category "Best Young Actor".[5] Personal life Vincent attended Fairfield High School for Girls in Droylsden.

But I’ve got a lot of friends who you wouldn’t know if they were gay or straight. If you happen to know who Lucien is dating now, do tell in the comments. His parents also made sure that the family had a “clean” diet”.From Growing up, there was no salt in our house, and the only condiment was ketchup. If I’m training, I’ll have three chicken breasts a day and then maybe some tuna mixed in just to take the taste of chicken away. The next girl whom he might be dating could be you.I've got a big brother and a little brother that pull a hell of a lot of girls.Birth name Brooke Levi Vincent Birth 4 June 1992 Bury, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom Nationality British View and modify the data in Wikidata Brooke Levi Vincent is an English actress best known for playing Sophie Webster in Coronation Street. It is a very good friend of actresses Helen Flanagan, Sacha Parkinson, actors Ryan Thomas, Lucien Laviscount and footballer Jack Wilshere. In 2011, began dating footballer Josh Mc Eachran, but the relationship ended in June 2014, in August the couple returned but returned to finish by mid-April 2015.

Shortly after they returned, but returned to finish in February of 2016.In August 2011, she was reported as having been dating Chelsea FC footballer Josh Mc Eachran since 2011.[6] Brooke is the cousin of Ellie Leach, who plays fellow Coronation Street resident Faye Windass. Let’s thank Ryan Murphy for bringing British hunk Lucien Laviscount to the American telly (as them Brits call it).In an interview on 7 September 2010 with Vincent and Sacha Parkinson, both these young actresses discussed their roles in the lesbian storyline, whereby, their relationship transformed from best friends to girlfriends, with the realisation of their sexuality.This storyline on Coronation Street started on 11 April 2010.[2] On 5 November 2010 at the "Stonewall Awards" ceremony, Coronation Street won the new "Broadcast of the Year" award,[3] in recognition of its gay storylines.We always ate very clean: chicken and rice or pasta and tuna. If I could have one tablet in the morning that would serve as my meals—if I could never taste food again—I would do that. “I work out at least five times a week, but never for longer than an hour. The last thing you want is to remember being bored in the gym. The worst thing you can hear is, ‘You look like you’ve lost weight.’ That’s a kick in the nuts.