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Hrithik’s lawyer says that this isn’t a ‘man versus woman’ war, it’s about ‘truth versus lies’: “ The facts have been now presented to authorities. We will prove that our client Hrithik Roshan has had no relationship with Kangana Ranaut.

THEY clearly show no dating/ no relationship till this period.If according to Kangana’s implications, Hrithik had proposed marriage to her in Paris in 2014, then why is she appearing so unfamiliar with him in her emails till November 2014?They should present any credible evidence if they have to those who are authorised to investigate this matter.We are not interested in playing the game of notices and counter notices, we are only pursuing this to bring out the correct facts and that will happen through bonafide investigation. We would like to remind that this case is not about man vs woman, powerful vs weak, it’s about lies vs truth.” Says a friend of Hrithik, “If Hrithik has had a 7-year relationship with Kangana as is being implied starting from the shoot of Kites and if Hrithik had proposed to Kangana in Paris in January 2014, then what do these emails written by Kangana on 28th August 2014, 3rd September 2014, 4th October 2014 and 2nd November 2014 imply?He has received over 3,000 emails from her and we have established that no mails were sent to her from his email.

His phone records prove that he has made four calls to her in seven years.In any event my client is bold enough to admit and accept the emails which were genuinely communicated to Hrithik on his correct email id, only once she verifies the contents of the same.Until such verification and acceptance on the part of my client, any emails circulated by Hrithik to the media in an effort to tarnish my client’s name and image or to put pressure on her and/or to outrage her modesty should be treated as fabricated,” maintains the lawyer.These emails, published in DNA, have been submitted by Hrithik to the cops along with a police complaint against Kangana for mentally harassing him.As per the report, she sent him thousands of mails over a period of six months, some of which have been leaked.His passport copies prove he was not in Paris when she claimed they’d got engaged.