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On December 20, 2016 I was attending a round table conference on Smart City, Safe City in Delhi. PLEASE NOTE THAT EVERY ARTICLE OR COMMENT MADE HEREIN IS COPYRIGHTED AND THEREFORE, REMAINS THE PROPERTY OF ADVOCATE DEBARATI HALDER.They have body parts of all kinds (sexual only, of course!) in all shapes, sizes and colours that change based on arousal levels. By the way, it's not just body parts that are available.There's another advanced level as well where you can have clickable body parts attached to the avatars. Since the parts monitor the avatar's arousal levels, avatars can even have a virtual orgasm this way.

This may sound very interesting but the technical details can be frustrating. The animation can take the form of various sex acts while the whole thing continues verbally over IM. These are basically programs which, when clicked by two avatars, activate the animation and allow the avatars to dance, cuddle, kiss or even have intercourse.Or should I say to earn unethical profits out of this? They earn a good fortune by distributing such videos to various ‘ports’ from where such videos float to many other ports, devices and jurisdictions.I would not have believed that local petty shops earn revenue by selling such videos to young adults and matured teens until one day I came across a news report on this.It is because the police (the so-called 24 hour help lines) could be made aware then and there of what is happening and how it is happening in the public places.