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One day we got to talking about 'fidelity' issues, and why certain men go either full blown astray, or just do 'phone chat' lines or 'chat rooms'.

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Now, truth be told...before he was married, he was a total SLUT, who sewed his wild oats till there was no more left to harvest.

He's an Adonis sort of looking guy who still gets dropped jawed stares from women whenever we have a 'guys nite out'.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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Some men, whether women want to believe it or not, have emotional needs other than sexual fulfillment. Many young men, in the age range you are searching for, are not ready for a serious long term relationship.

Some of us need to be mentally stimulated as well as sexually stimulated in order to be happy in our relationship. They are still finding out what they want out of life, and finding their own place in life.His adolescent attactment to the 'hunt w/pecker' is purposefully being prompted to pay for what's a fool's fantasy for the most part. What separates us, as humans, from the animals is that we use our brains to control ourselves.If he can't even use his brain to do that, it will invariably lead to him cheating. I do not believe it is ok to be with more than one women. Op, i believe the issue your talking about ties in with fantasy. The difference is fantasty is just that...not real. Some men feel the need to act on it and this is where our personal values and beliefs come in.If you want someone other than the one you are married to, get a divorce before going after it.Nobody respects a cheater, including the one you are cheating with. I have never enjoyed phone sex, it seems silly to me.This allows you to see them for what they are and know they probably won't change too much from that.^^^^^I do NOT believe it is a male's nature to be with multiple women. I think a lot of men would NOT go to such 'fantasies' if they were allowed to express their desires at home without reprisals that are often given for expressing them.