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Most of the time, they will tell you how difficult or impossible it was to go from having sex to making love.It is probably the most troubling after-effect for the men who attend Every Man's Battle.

They must go from peering at forbidden images to looking directly into her eyes, trying to imagine how she feels.If he will listen with the intent of at least showing compassion for her, he will begin to break the ideas of objectification.He may become sexually anorexic, other than the sex he has with himself.He may begin to control, criticize, and distance himself from his wife so that there is no chance she might want to be intimate.His pseudo-sex life is not integrated into the whole of who he is; it is separate and compartmentalized.

He can't instantly substitute the illicitly erotic and naughty images for a wife he has disappointed--a partner who feels disconnected, who fills him with anxiety, has her own needs and desires, and can judge his manhood.His sex organs and the pleasure that he derives from them are all that really matters to him sexually.So when it comes to a real, live naked woman--perhaps the one he is married to or living with--it is no wonder that he simply cannot produce an erection without the help of erectile dysfunction medication, some kind of penal implant, or pornography to stimulate his imagination.As he continues using pornography, it gets stale pretty quickly and he needs more unique or perverse things to turn him on and give him orgasmic comfort.In the process, it becomes an uneasily broken habit for him and a destructive addiction.In addition, a man is taught how to be a more sexually competent man so he can use these objects called women more effectively.