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Well, as far as any new format twists, they haven’t developed anything or let us know of anything that might change.I do know that they do plan on keeping the two winners this season and that was new last year. Minnie Driver is a new judge this season — she studied dance and royal ballet in England.

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I think one of our executive producers is even gonna be marrying them!

[Laughs] Kathryn Mc Cormick, of course she got the lead role in the last “Step Up” movie, Alex Wong and Jess Le Protto, Neil [Haskell] too, they were all on Broadway.

And what it feels like to make dreams come true on season 11! And when I walked into a dance studio for a summer job while he was away, I kept a little bit, piece by piece when you learn dance you start to pick up your self esteem again.

And you get a little but stronger and a little bit stronger until I was able to leave after all those years.

They care about the kids and they also know as far as auditioning all the time how tough that life is as well.

So they’re very caring on what they say to the contestants and I’ve really appreciated that from the guest judges we’ve had so far.

And for the very first time I even [used] a cuss word — and I very rarely cuss in my life.

I take that out of my vocabulary, mainly because you’re on live TV and you never want to let anything slip — it doesn’t go down well with the network.

So, it certainly means a lot to me because I know what it can do for somebody.

It certainly gave me a purpose and it also made me feel like a human being again!

Danny Tidwell was on Broadway and of course Mark [Kanemura] is traveling with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Eliana just talked to me like 3 weeks ago — she was our prima ballerina last year that won — and now she said “You’re not gonna believe what I’m doing — I’m traveling with Taylor Swift!