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The conversation got pretty hot and at some point he suggested we masturbate together on camera.

I have deleted two posts, none of them problematic other than due to the age of the posters and what they are saying they have done. So that the information is still there for the thread starter, these are the deleted comments (without names). If the guys you're doing it with are over 18, I'd highly urge you not to do it.

Erm, if it makes you feel better, a lot of people have done it. Technically, there's nothing illegal from your end, but from theirs, it's all sorts of wrong and illegal.

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But still, I don't feel very good with myself today As long as you're both consenting adults, then legally, certainly, you didn't do anything wrong.

However, it may have been outside your comfort zone. Not too long ago I would have probably done the same thing... I no longer will give into things like that anymore not worth it.

If your buddy asks, just say it wasn't what you expected, and you'd rather not do it again. So don't be surprised if every conversation you have goes that way. I don't see anything particularly wrong with it, but it's a personal thing. Otherwise you could attract completely the wrong sort of attention from the wrong sort of people. I dont really regret it, but it is a bit weird doing it with people you dont really know. If you choose to do it, just be careful that your face does not get plastered all over the internet!

Remember that anyone on the internet can see your posts here. The only thing i worry about is if people like record it and put it online, but that would be illegal anyway seeing as im 16. There are real risks online that are not always apparent, and we don't always know who we are actually dealing with on the other side.

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