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Afterwards, you can present your work challenge to the network of product managers at an open floor session. Tank-Copenhagen/events/229563682/Friday: Aka “Call-in-sick Day”Yep, you probably have to call in sick to not miss any of the golden tech nuggets today.

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Coding at Nodes, 5pm- 6.30pm: If you want to make both, you are starting on Amager with the Nodes guys, who are hosting a meet-up.It is your choice, where to consume your empty calories. Today you are mingling with the youth, taming a shit storm, figuring out how to build a product in two weeks and fucking it all up.No way around choices today, but read on and make them informed ones.Here you get a sneak peak behind the scenes of their stack, and a look into the future of coding as Nodes sees it.You will be presented to some of the tools and languages their developers use, when they build apps for corporations in both Denmark and the UK.Let them know you are coming — sign up here:https:// blind’s favorite website at 6pm-9pm: From Nodes on Amager, you put on high-energy music in your headphones, because you are about to make a sprint to Skt. Here you’ll experience the web from a blind man’s perspective and learn from some of the best experts in Denmark on how little it takes to vastly improve the accessibility of your websites.