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The museum displays paintings by Alexander Borisov, an artist known the world over and an early explorer of polar themes in visual art. Borisov Museum of Artistic Development of the Arctic is the first and only museum in Russia to provide visitors with an artistic view of the Arctic world, rather than presenting the Arctic as a place for geographical discoveries and scientific research.First, we walked up to the mausoleum, but it is surrounded by fencing, so clearly that wasn't how one gets in. We walked over there, but another row of barricades blocked us. By now it was after noon, and, as the mausoleum closes at , I was a little concerned we might get rushed.

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A separate hall is dedicated to the culture of the native peoples of the Far North.

Visitors can also see works by twentieth-century artists who worked in Arctic conditions.

The Northern Sea Museum is located in the historic centre of Arkhangelsk, on Krasnaya Pristan.

It was from here that the city was born as one of the country’s main ports.

An exhibition of books and illustrations provides a unique opportunity to explore print publications from the late eighteenth to early twenty-first centuries.

Books, periodicals, and maps that present the history of Arctic seafaring from ancient times to the present day will be on display.

Paintings by Russian artists are displayed in a suite of great halls with genuine parquet floors, glazed tile stoves, decorated ceilings, and stucco friezes.

See work by Karl Bryullov, Vladimir Borovikovsky, Fyodor Rokotov, Ivan Aivazovsky, Alexey Venetsianov, Kirill Lemokh, Ivan Kramskoi, Mikhail Nesterov, Valentin Serov, and many more outstanding masters of Russian art.

The main attraction in this exhibition is a mammoth calf from the Yamal Peninsula, preserved in the permafrost.

There are no other specimens in the world that remain quite so well-preserved.

The Museum also displays contemporary Kholmogory bone carvings, an artistic practice that has survived in the North for over 400 years.