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It’s almost summertime, which can mean only one thing: the Seattle Ferry Service’s Friday Brown Bag Cruise!

Starting June 1st, you can hop aboard a boat for a 60-minute tour of the city for , which lets you see the city from a completely different perspective and impress your date with your sandwich making skills.

They usually get marketed as showing people in the 20’s and early 30’s sipping wine while laughing, but in reality, they’re packed with people from all walks of life, across every spectrum of age, and people are usually sweating buckets, not laughing.

With just three minutes to make a meaningful connection, the intense pressure erodes any sense of fun and turns dating into a chore.

When you work with Seattle Singles though, speed dating turns into a sought after event that can result in meaningful matches with exceptional singles right in your area!

Imagine meeting other locals, who already share common interests with you.

There's no shortage of secret Seattle bars, but this South Seattle spot has secret rooms, including one behind the sliding bookcase at the very back of the bar, where you can make yourself at home on the funky repurposed car seats, have a sweet cocktail, and then check out the shuffleboard table for a one-on-one time. In the last few years, more craft breweries have opened in Ballard than in... Atlanta, and it's pretty clear that so many sweet suds producers in one single 'hood can only mean one thing: improved quality of life in the area? Complete with booth seating, stiff drinks, live local acts every night of the week, and a photo booth; you can’t go wrong here.

Seattle's sweetest spot for everything marijuana related (accessories, clothing...

Speed dating can be an engaging and fun activity, or it can be a terrifying experience where you have the worst fifty dates of your life, all in a row and on one evening!

Speed dating is frequently a negative (or neutral at best) experience for a number of people because it is truly a random assortment of individuals.

As Mark Twain once famously said, "a man who lives fully is prepared to die, AND go on all the actually great Seattle dates on this super-awesome list from Thrillist, at any time." Speaking of which...

Bizzarro Italian Cafe (address and info) Decked out with things that you might come across in a Delorean trip gone awry, this whimsical Wallingford spot will help you get over your first date jitters (perhaps by sharing a carafe of wine) and let you end the evening with some next-level tiramisu and an espresso before heading outside to enjoy a twinkly night time view of the city from Gas Works, or a trip to the just-around-the-corner Archie Mc Phee for some guaranteed fun.

We give you a full ten minutes to spend with each person before you move on.