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Please note that nothing is 100% perfect, so we still suggest always having adult supervision around when kids are online.i Pad, i Phone and Android Mobile Devices 1.) Go to your Settings section and tap on your Wi Fi icon.It will be a set of numbers like “” 4.) Click on the DNS numbers and erase them by back spacing. This is where you would change it to use Open DNS (2.123, 2.123).

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You should still use Kidz as your search engine since you need to know what safe sites are available that won’t get blocked by Open DNS.

However, with Open DNS installed, you don’t need to worry about your child typing in a porn address by mistake or otherwise.

Please note that these instructions will only work with Wi Fi.

If you plan on using a wireless mobile carrier for access, they will not apply to it.

For added safety, we strongly suggest also using Parental Settings and blocking all web browsers and unapproved App downloads.

You can then use the Free Kidz Search App as your tablet or mobile phone browser, which will prevent outside website links from being entered directly (sites can only be searched using the Safe Search engine provided).

While you can purchase software that does it, it is really easy to set things up for free using Open DNS, which is a free internet security service.

The entire process just takes a couple minutes to complete.

On an i Phone you will see an ‘i’ with a circle around it.

You want to edit the wireless settings for your current provider by tapping on the ‘i’, or whatever links gets you to the DNS editor. Double check your entry and click return/done when finished.

More detailed instructions for using Open DNS are available from the Open DNS Website that covers just about any mobile device, but the process is all the same in that you only need to change the DNS provider.